Welcome to the Web site of Randy Rodden and Answers International Ministries founded by Randy in 1993.

My Mission
is to help cultivate a Christian worldview in anyone who is interested in aiming their life at truth and following the evidence wherever it leads. AIM was founded on the conviction that Christianity and Christian values give us knowledge of reality (what is and what ought to be). Christianity offers a robust worldview that meets our deepest intellectual, moral and spiritual needs. It provides the foundations for individuals and nations to flourish.

My Purpose
is to teach believers how to use moral and rational argument to convince others in the public square of the profound truth of Christianity. I want to help send tough-minded and tender-hearted believers into their spheres of influence to communicate the Christian worldview in an intellectually rigorous, but fair-minded and gracious way. I hope to encourage you through this site to live your life with integrity and honesty. Enjoy learning more about us as you explore the site. I think you will find that I offer something for Christians, not-yet-Christians and non-Christians.