I believe that God has raised up AIM at this critical time in our nation's history to join an increasing number of Christian leaders who are intelligently communicating the Christian faith to people that have uncritically  and often unconsciously  been indoctrinated into thought forms and life styles that have offered much and delivered little. I believe that proclaiming the Gospel and protesting our nation's evils is simply not enough. We cannot defeat our opponent by out-shouting him. We must out-think and out-live him. We must teach believers how to winsomely chip away at the secular ideas and values that have increasingly captured our cultural zeitgist (the spirit of our age) since the late 60's. The cultural gatekeepers that laid the foundations of early America, such as Edwards, Whitefield and Wesley, have been replaced by Darwin, Dewey, Marx and Nietzsche. 

Our conviction at AIM is that an authentic Judeo-Christian worldview provides the robust moral vision that our present "naked" public square is desperately needing and ultimately seeking. Why? Because it reveals the God Who is and Who is not silent. But it is also true that the Christian moral and spiritual vision is not capturing the hearts and minds of America's present cultural gatekeepers. Why? Because believers have not seen the need or been willing to pay the price to be disciples of Jesus. Followers of Jesus fully understand, intelligently articulate, and authentically live out their faith before the watching world. I think recent history shows us that it takes more than confrontation, protest, and good intentions to persuade those in the public square. Today we need thousands of followers of Jesus to decide that they will not rest until they can think and live like Jesus in their marketplace. Isn't this why our nation's Founders could so dramatically shape the direction of a new nation that has produced blessings for millions of people up to our day?

I want to help you know how to communicate the truths of the Christian worldview to an increasingly hostile culture, who does not understand your religious  language or accept your biblical authority. I believe it is especially critical to mentor Christians who are in positions of respect and influence in our present culture - teaches, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, politicians, journalists, celebrities and students preparing for a life of influence.